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Since 2005 Riverdale Digital Media Services (RDMS) is your answer for your small business and personal media needs. We like to think we service our community by preserving those family memories and forgotten monents that exist in countless videotapes. Riverdale Digital Media Services strives to be your reliable and affordable solution.

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We specialize in transferring older videotape formats to a DVD or digital file format. Other services include encoding video for the internet (YouTube) etc, web design, music cassette transfers, and video production services are also available.

Primary Services:
  • Video Transfer to DVD.
    Formats accepted: VHS, Hi8, Video8, (8mm), DV, DVD mini, BetaCam and 3/4 tape, file formats.
  • Internet Video
  • Website Design
  • Ask About Other Video Services

Media Examples

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Development Of An Athlete Inc video
YMCA Open your Purse - Demo video
Chill Vibe Experience web
People TV web



CVS had rejected a tape that was deemed to damaged to transfer. RDMS was able to transfer the tape without a probelm and save my memories.

Ajolly - Transfer Customer